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Hurricane Relief

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Helping

The 2017 hurricane season has been unprecedented, and the need for help is unprecedented. Harvey, Irma, and Maria have wrought devastation over a large section of the United States and its territories, and I want to do something to help.


2017 hurricane relief

What I’ll Do

I announced in early September that I’d be donating 15% of all September sales/patreon pledges to hurricane Harvey relief. The charities I elected were the Houston ASPCA, The Texas Diaper Bank, and CERF+, an artist-specific charity. Then Irma hit. Then Maria. The size of the crisis kept growing and growing, so I’ve decided to expand my efforts, as well.

For the remainder of the year, 20% of my net sales and 20% of my net pledges from my Patreon patrons will be donated to hurricane relief efforts. Since the devastation has moved well beyond Texas, I’m no longer directing the funds to Texas-specific charities, but to national ones, specifically, Americares, who provide emergency medical care in disaster areas, and Habitat for Humanity, who has already begun their efforts to help those affected rebuild their homes.

If you don’t wish to purchase my art on Zazzle or Fine Art America, or to become my Patron and support my artistic efforts long-term, please at least consider donating to these worthwhile relief efforts. Thank you!

hurricane relief
hurricane relief