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For many years I took a break from creating art, but when I took it up again, I worked mostly in colored pencil, ink, pastels, and wax. Every night after work I’d crawl into bed with a sketch pad on my lap and doodle, draw, and color. I’d complete the piece, then scan it and often enhance or alter it digitally. This page includes the works I’ve done in these mediums.

Lovely Bouquet

Purple Dragon

Green Cream Float

Bright Weave

SoCal Dream

Parrot Curve

Soft Purple Bricks

Avocado Dream, Pencil, Ink, Pastels abstract art by Audra Arr.

Avocado Dream

Fruit Plate

Geometric Skittles

Gray Globe Blanket

Blue Beast Running


Sharp Purple Bricks

Pink Doily

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